Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fly in the Social Web

Buzz.  Buzz buzz.

Oh dear.  I seem to be caught.

It's not surprising with all these social websites, overlapping with each other, sending all sorts of criss-crossing strands everywhere.  As Paul Levinson says in the intro to New New Media, "a post on a blog with an embedded YouTube video can be automatically sent to Twitter...which in turn can be set to show up on Facebook and LinkedIn, and via widgets or other special applications on other blogs."  Really puts the net in networking, doesn't it?

The social web's not too bad of a place, though.  After all, I've got all sorts of fellow flies and other insects to keep me company and interact with (though I try to ignore the mosquitoes and box elder bugs--they're kind of pricks).  I tell them whatever pithy and pretentious sayings come into my head, and they entertain me in return.  It's all good fun.

There are some spiders out there, though.  Hackers.  Trolls.  Corporations that don't care about our privacy as much as they claim they do.  And sure, they'll probably be along any second to wrap us up and sink our fangs into us and slowly suck our our internal organs and I think that by this point my metaphor has kind of overextended itself.  So, uh....

Um...hope you enjoy the blog?


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  1. I really like your use of flies and bugs in a social "web" to theme this website.