Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blogging about Tweeting

So I guess today I’m blogging about tweeting today.

Twitter is…an interesting platform that I’m not quite sure I’m getting the most out of yet.  But hey, I’ve gotten some notoriety lately.

Part of the reason Twitter is so handy is that you can follow people who I might not be able to be in contact with otherwise, just because Twitter is so much more public.

I’ve been a fan of the reality TV show Survivor ever since the first season (despite how big of a guilty pleasure it is), and I recently started following some of my favorite contestants.  A few minutes after following him, one of the more famous and notable characters to ever show up on the show sent me a tweet (referring to the alliteration in my profile description).

I’ve also managed to gait a few retweets or favorites from people who aren’t following me through hashtags or replies to posts.

At this point, my use of Twitter is still a bit meager, but I’m learning.  Who knows?  Maybe eventually, I’ll be able to generate more buzz.

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